Clare Murphy is, hands-down, the best host I’ve ever worked with. Her warm, curious, gentle, enveloping–and yes, funny–spirit shines through, creating the perfect environment for speakers and guests alike.

Jon Hallberg, MD, Associate Professor

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, and Creative Director, Center for the Art of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Clare is one of the best-received speakers we’ve ever welcomed to Leaders. She is engaging, authentic, and uses the art of storytelling to explain why it remains humankind’s most effective medium of communication, education and learning. Her stage presence affords her gravitas and at the Leaders Sport Performance Summit at Twickenham Stadium she effortlessly commanded the attention of a room full of head coaches, general managers and directors of performance from some of the biggest names in world sport including England Football, New Zealand Rugby, Toronto Maple Leafs and non-sporting organisations such as the Royal Air Force and Google.

Luke Whitworth

Leaders Performance Institute

Clare Murphy’s abilities to teach storytelling are clear, dynamic, and empowering. Within one day of her workshop, three professors at Kansas State University had implemented what they had learned from her in their own classrooms.

Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT Professor Director

Drama Therapy Program School of Music, Theatre and Dance Kansas State University

At the 2016 Personhood and Dementia Conference at Kansas State University Clare Murphy was able to motivate over 100 participants — ranging from undergraduate students and college professors to caregivers and elders in the community — to get up play improvisation games. They became energized, excited, and engaged. Then they began to tell stories!! Several people told me, ‘I was nervous about this afternoon’s session before it began, but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!’

Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT Professor Director

Drama Therapy Program School of Music, Theatre and Dance Kansas State University

I loved the playfulness and have thought about this since as a means of accessing and improving creativity. There was so much information in the weekend workshop – it has taken a couple of weeks to mentally ‘unpack’

Dr Simon Martin (GP)

on a Weekend workshop in storytelling skills

The audience really enjoyed the humour that Clare brought to the ancient stories she was telling, and seemed to be caught up in her spell.

Caitlyn Paxson

Managing Artistic Director Ottawa StoryTellers

Our audiences loved Clare. We had people who attended an adult performance one day and showed up the next afternoon with grandchildren and children in tow for our children’s performance. They loved her…
Clare was a great addition to our festival. We have a busy schedule for our tellers and Clare was keen to do whatever was required of her, never showing any signs of wear. Her first performance was a fresh as her last.

Mary Fearon

St. Johns Storytelling Festival, Canada

Clare is a wonderful combination of an individualistic storyteller with a very distinct style and way of telling, and an intelligent compatible performer with the ability to adjust herself to whatever and whoever she is surrounded by. She spreads warmth, humour and comfort to any crowd. 

Caitlyn Paxson

Managing Artistic Director Ottawa StoryTellers

What I specifically like about Clare is that she is: both young in her mind and wise in her soul,
funny and able to combine that with hardcore real-life, 
charming, but never crossing the line for being ‘light’

Sara Birgitte

Øfsti Norwegian International Storytelling Festival