Clare has delivered keynotes in person and online for festivals, companies, sports teams, corporate clients, community projects and more.

Her talks centre around the themes of storytelling for change, transformative power of creativity, how story serves community, the stories of changemakers and leadership.  Get in touch with your special request.

Here are some samples of previous keynotes:

The Power of Story

A 50 min talk on why story is so effective.  This talk is packed with the science of story, human history, anecdotes from the life of a storyteller including how story can empower all kinds of people to overcome their difficulties and connect through story.  Clare’s work with the limbless veterans, mission critical teams, NASA, and children worldwide, informs this playful, touching and funny talk on why story is so powerful.

Unweaving the rainbow

This 1 hour keynote unpacks the great mysteries of storytelling.  How are we able to see such a myriad of worlds?  Why does storytelling create instant community?  How has this art survived so long?  Why do we return to it again and again?  Story enables and empowers broken voices and communities to step beyond limitations and speak.  Clare draws on her career in storytelling to unpack the cinema of the imagination and to reflect on the immense transformative ability of story.   Story has and will continue to transform the world, this talk helps you to understand what lays at the bottom of that mystery.

The craft of telling a good story

What is it about some speakers that just grab you?  Why do you react to humour here and gravitas there?  Why is there no “one size fits all” approach to telling a good story?

This keynote on the do’s and don’ts of storytelling from the faux pais of late night storytelling to the tricks the nerves play on the body.  This comedic talk will take you through the definite do’s and don’ts of telling a good story, leaving you with plenty of new tools in the tool kit. 

The Online Culture Code; what happened when we jumped online and why that needs to change


March 2020 was a moment in history when our world changed permanently.  This keynote reflects on what happened to communication in companies and institutions at that time and the fallout of that.  As we fight with fatigue, burn out, mental health, and teams feeling more isolated than ever, Clare suggests the ways in which we can bring humanity back into the virtual room, how to humanise our communications and create a new online culture code that makes the best use of our time, energy and teams. 

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