With a growing awareness of the limitations of our hyper-siloed and over-specialised world; we are craving more intelligent, more integrated and more collaborative conversations to help us address our nuanced problem sets. 

a residency is in response to you, your organisation, your place, your communities’ needs, and your vision.

Whether you work in science, research, medical, mission critical, community centres, climate change projects, refugee camps, hosting a storyteller in residence can support your organisation to make change, embed knowledge and nourish legacy.

Residencies can run for 1 month to 1 year depending on what is required.  Residencies can include but are not limited to commissioned storytelling performances, integrated storytelling workshops for staff or community, on the ground storytelling-community led project, envisioning futures, creating concrete legacy, intergenerational systems building, performance training.

Be aware that a residency is in response to you, your organisation, your place, your communities’ needs, and your vision.  I will bring my years of experience, my deep reservoir of ancient tales, my mythopoeic thinking, my network of thinkers and friends across sectors from Medicine to Sport to Science.  I will also bring my questions and my performance practise and praxis.

I am a gifted host of online and real-world events.  I regularly run salons at my house and online to create a collaborative inquiry approach to the problem sets at play in the world. 

I am a dynamic performer, my performances nurture instant and long-term community, and create wonder, connection, and a deep experience of the imagination.

I am a dedicated teacher; I have facilitated thousands of people over the years to overcome their nerves, insecurities, impostor syndrome, and stage fright in order to step up and tell their story. 

Story work is transformative.  We will work together to create a transformative residency format that serves the needs of your community.

Who I have worked with