UniVerse – Skellefteå Storytelling Festival

22 Oct 2022, 6:30 PM


The world-touring Irish stage narrator Clare Murphy is visiting Berättarfestivalen 2022 with her acclaimed performance UniVerse!

Murphy takes us on a playful excursion through myths, science and a lot of turtles…

Hear the breathtaking story of the origin of the universe, where both science and ancient myths compete with each other in an attempt to answer the big questions: How big is the universe? How was everything from the sounds, to life – created? And what do all the turtles here really do?

Clare Murphy has performed with her stories on stages around the world, including The Globe Theater and The National Theater in London, Fabula Festival in Stockholm and Boca du Ceu in Brazil.

Her repertoire ranges from political narratives such as the Syrian The King of Lies; to playful performances like UniVerse. Murphy is also a storytelling consultant for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA and a hard-working teacher at the National Theater in London.


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Skellefteå Storytelling Festival, Torggatan, Enköping, Sweden
Västerbottensteatern, Sara kulturhus Torggatan 7 931 29 Skellefteå


22 Oct 2022, 6:30 PM

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Duration of the performance: 1 hour

From 11 years.

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