Crick Crack presents: The Spanking Goddess and Other Discarded Tales

21 Sep 2023, 8:00 PM

Stellar storyteller Clare Murphy exhumes the Celtic canon to bring the wild women who never made the cut, back into the light.

A shapeshifter spanks her opponents, a queen balances on the point of a spear, a goddess is caught in a face-off with death, heroes are defeated by mother-daughter warriors, and we witness the first divorceā€¦and the woman won.

These are not your regular myths. Expect wicked tales of badass deities, feral fighters, unorthodox sex, hairy bodies, mastery, and goddess-on-goddess battles - not for the faint-hearted and definitely for grown-ups.

'A sheer delight! For those thirsty for a different type of show this is a must see!' EVERYTHING THEATRE

'Masterly storytelling!' CULTURE WHISPER

SUITABLE: adults 16+
DOORS: 7.30pm STARTS: 8pm

CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains descriptions of sex, bodies, sexual threat, and death contextualised within a paradigm of mythic narrative, archetype and metaphor.

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The Cube, Bristol, England
Dove St S, Avon, Bristol BS2 8JD, UK


21 Sep 2023, 8:00 PM

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