How We Tell Stories: Epic Poems and Mythology

Interviewed by Dash Arts alongside Josephine Burton, Dash Arts Artistic director; Kurdish Iranian musician Marouf Majidi; director and former Dash Arts artistic director Tim Supple; writer and lecturer Tajinder Hayer; writer and performer Tristan Bernays we explore the epic poems, The Aeneid, The Shanameh and The Odyssey, and their relevance today.

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Podcast

Met these two lovely lads at #LeadersPerformanceSummit last November at Twickenham. Here is the interview on their Podcast: SleepEatPerformRepeat Hopefully that link works but if not head over here: the permalink.

The Limbless Veterans Storytelling Training

It’s a bright October day with a storm rolling in on the horizon. My focus is on the four men in the room. We comment on the impending storm, then back to work. They’ve seen a lot worse. These are the men of Making Generation R, ambassadors and speakers for The Drive Project. The R stands […]