Storyteller – Teacher – Public Speaker- Facilitator – Salon Curator – Conversation Starter

Celebrated for her physical dynamism, wit and warmth, Clare brings the ancient art of story firmly into the contemporary world.  Born in Dublin, Clare has lived and worked in Spain and America and now resides in Bristol UK.  She has told stories in many unusual situations including for Irish President Mary Robinson, at the Royal Shakespeare Company and for Welsh Rugby Union.

Her performances range from 2 minutes to 2 hours and cover all kinds of topics from Ancient Irish Myth to raucous folklore to science and history.  She tells stories for all ages and all kinds of audiences.  Her story repertoire includes stories from Irish mythology, wisdom tales, history, original tales, world folklore, and quantum physics.

Clare teaches storytelling skills to all kinds of people from asylum seekers to climate change scientists to fire fighters to social entrepreneurs to limbless veterans.  Clare regularly works with The Drive Project, Mission Critical Team Institute, Routes Collective, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, NHS England.

Clare also curates bespoke international salon events inhouse in Bristol and for organisations and conferences worldwide to create interdisciplinary conversations between artists, scientists, policy makers, medical teams about the issues at play in the world today.

Clare loves interesting collaborations.  She has a limited number of residencies available a year.

There is no end to where Story can go.