what happens on the road

There is something very comforting about the road.

There is an acceptance that there is only so much I can control.

So I let go.

I surrender to train schedules, traffic, the full emptiness of airports, and random conversations.

It can be hard going but I love what the road gives me. There is a constant reminder of impermanence that settled life tries to convince me is not there. Nothing is fixed, everything is on its’ way in or out. The great pendulum swing of existence. On the road that is so evident that it is unavoidable. It’s uncomfortable and deeply enjoyable.

Tours take time to plan. Months of emails, conversations, negotiations, plans and ideas.

April 2018 I’ll be performing in schools, at conferences, in a winery, at CalTech. I will be speaking with thinkers, friends, scientists and storytellers. And then there are all the other humans I haven’t planned on meeting. I’ll be telling my show UniVerse, as well as a cadre of other stories, some new some old. Three weeks of changing beds, new keys, new friends, and a host of moments. Quickly gone.

Here’s to all my road sisters and brothers, you know who you are. I share the road with you. Here’s to all the friends old and new that I’m about to cross paths with. Here’s to the light fantastic, the space between us where the sublime is possible.

12 thoughts on “what happens on the road

  • Good luck Clare, they are in for a marvellous treat. So lovely to see you again in York, and excited for the storytelling course in June! Xxx

    • hello Kay, thanks for coming all the way to York! Hope Stealing Thunder is going well, look forward to June! Hopefully we have sunshine… 🙂

  • Dear Clare,
    I don’t know if you would remember me, but you did two remarkable storytelling performances in Fort Collins at the library, many years ago and I was your contact person. I’m delighted you are currently in Colorado and would love to attend one of your performances. I am retired and have just recently (last week) looked into joining our local “Spellbinders” storytelling organization. At the moment, I am deeply involved in the political scene, trying to make a difference in the upcoming elections.

    • Hello Katherine! yes I remember you, lovely to hear from you. There is a performance Wednesday at 11am in Atlas on CU Boulder campus. Then there is a panel on storytelling on Friday afternoon called the Power of Story. Look up the Conference on World Affairs CU Boulder and check their schedule. They get busy, so come early for a seat!

  • Yes! That is EXACTLY how I feel about being on tour. One must just let go, it’s fantastic being in the van and no pressing work to get at, my favorite place to write.
    It was my great joy to have shared a stretch of it with you!

    • dear Lisa Marie
      thank you for this. Loved dancing the light fantastic with you and all our fellow panelists at Rhythm and Words.

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