November, invisible and visible work, 2017

What do you do all day? That’s maybe the question behind the question: is this what you actually do for a living?

Being a freelance artist is quite hard to explain. So much of the work is invisible. The dreaming, the thinking, the planning, the conversations, the paying attention, the observing the world, the listening to the stories while I wake and while I sleep. It is fair to say that freelancers don’t take a huge amount of time off.


Then there is the tangible work. The visible work that happens behind the scenes. These are things I can quantify. And I realise I probably amn’t the best at talking about what I do, so here goes…

here are some of the things I am up to…

I’m preparing to perform in Spanish in Tenerife at Cuentos de los Silos in December 2017. It’s a challenging thing to try to find my Spanish storytelling voice. I was last there in 2010, it’s an honour to return. And also eeeeeeek! (I thought it was about time to embrace my Spanish side)

I am planning tours for next year in America and other places (April/September more info on that as I have it).

I’m dreaming up a show with the astonishing Kevin Kling (Open Eye Theatre, Minneapolis, Sept 2018).

I am writing a children’s show with the talented John Webb for the Mid Wales Music Trust. I am dramaturging/writing on other shows in Tasmania with Dowtcha Puppets, Black Hole Theatre and Nathan Maynard. I am storysultant on another show in London with the madly skilled Dom Coyote (#WECANTIMETRAVEL). I also am teaching MA Animation students about storytelling at Central Saint Martins and helping them with their end of year film ideas.

And amid all that it gets darker and colder. I’m learning a new city (Bristol), all its’ weird and wonderful ways. And somewhere deep in the psyche there are some stories trying to get my attention. So I guess I’ll begin dreaming my own new show soon too.

May the dark and cold of winter be good to you.

More anon.

1 thought on “November, invisible and visible work, 2017

  • Hi Clare,

    Really nice to read about what your up to. I’m actually exploring Bristol this weekend and was having a look to see if you were up to anything much. I met a man that lives in a Cave under the Clifton Suspension bridge, and heard a tale about two giants that pricked my curiosity.

    I heard your coming over to Smock Alley in Dublin in January. I’m part of a Storytelling group called Candlelit Tales. I’m visiting a friend this weekend and getting shown around. If the stars align, perhaps your not gone to Spain just yet, I’d love to hear more about what you get up to while your here.

    If not, perhaps you’ll meet some of the Candlelit Tales gang when your over in Ireland.

    Best wishes,

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