Tomorrow. Tomorrow I board a plane and head west, into a wild six week rollercoaster of gigs. Self organised and much anticipated; the joy of delving deep into the work uninterrupted will be a total pleasure. Here’s the basic itinerary (though all gigs are listed in detail on website calender and FB events page):

Sept 15-18th Williamsburg Virginia (performance and weekend intensive)

Sept 19th – 23rd Richmond Virginia (local schools and down time)

Sept 23rd -29th Indianapolis (performance and workshop)

Sept 29th – Oct 3rd East Tennessee State University (weekend intensive)

Oct 7th– Oct 9th Jonesborough International Storytelling Festival, Tennessee (Performances)

Oct 10th– Oct 16th Teller in Residence Jonesborough, Tennessee (Performances/ meetings)

Oct 17th– 19th Seekonk, Mass (performance at Bill Harley’s place)

Oct 20th– Oct 24th, Open Eye Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota (performances with Kevin Kling, Dovie Thomason and Bill Harley)

The joy of moving from a lot of performance to a lot of teaching and sharing means a real deepening of my own understanding of the work. Performing a lot (such as the Jonesborough schedule) is a strange and wonderful high, where you end up living in the performance energy…the come down can be a bit rough. Teaching is a state of learning for me, so exploring the work with others ends up refreshing my own ideas about the work.

By the end I will be shredded and maybe a bit empty. I will seek solace in the art of others, in sleep, in tea, and in good books. But for now I walk out onto the open road, head full of stories and ready…

9 thoughts on “GOING ON THE ROAD Tour 2016 USA

  • Clare so excited to see your tour. if Cincinnati can be a restful stop for refuel please know you are most welcome in our home

  • While in Indianapplesauce you might bump into author John Green, a creative force similar to you. His Dad Mike goes back a long way w Aunt Sheila and me. If you don’t know of him, just google. See you soon! Love Uncle Tom

    • Thanks Christine, it’s definitely on my to-do list. Especially if Port Angeles festival has anything to do with it! 😉

  • Just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart with us last weekend in Jonesborough. Made my drive from Chicago well worth it.


  • Wow! Just saw several of your performances at the Jonesborough Storytelling Festival. So enjoyed the story about the young man whose father was determined to “choose” his wife. (Married to an Irishman, my father-in-law was very much involved in “wife-selection” for his 7 sons.) I also enjoyed “King of Lies” and would love to hear it again— another CD coming out soon? AND the improv with Bill, Antonio, & Andy was awesome. (Orange Dwarf not doing well) Hope you perform near Chicago soon!

  • Dear Clare,
    Just want to say how much I enjoyed you and your workshop in Williamsburg last Sept. I can’t find how to email you so I’m putting this on your blog.
    Your insights were (are) so helpful to me. I look forward eagerly to seeing you again.
    My best,
    Norris Spencer
    workshop participant in Williamsburg, VA

    • Hi Norris
      thanks so much for your words. I was just reading my notes on your tale of astonishment. Glad it was helpful to you.
      My email is on here somewhere: clare@claremurphy.org Hope you are getting along well with the stories

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