A sane person to an insane society must appear insane – Vonnegut. It was 1998 something radical happened that changed my world forever.  I asked a friend if she was going to the latest movie. She said: “Is that the one about the serial killer?” “Yes”, I said. She replied: “Oh no, I’m not going[…]


Tomorrow. Tomorrow I board a plane and head west, into a wild six week rollercoaster of gigs. Self organised and much anticipated; the joy of delving deep into the work uninterrupted will be a total pleasure. Here’s the basic itinerary (though all gigs are listed in detail on website calender and FB events page): Sept[…]

Ten Years (2006-2016) A Storyteller

In January 2016 I reached my decade anniversary as a storyteller. Ten years as an artist. There is something about turning that corner, turning to face into a new decade that gives me some strength and belief that I can do this, and perhaps continue to do this work for the rest of my life.[…]

A brave new world

Hello World, Storyers, friends, followers, lore nerds and fellow lovers of the word Here it is.  My new site.  A work-in-progress just like me.  I’ll be adapting and changing it, finding new clever things to add (like a calender of events, coming soon!) and I will be keeping you all far better informed of my[…]