BBC Radio Northampton takes me to the stars… (audio clip)

Tonight I perform UniVerse at Feast of Fools Northampton

Here is a short interview on BBC Radio Northampton from last Sunday Dec 2nd 2018 with brilliant interviewer John Griff who kept me on my toes with his questions (he clearly knows a thing or two about quantum physics and about storytelling!!)

3 thoughts on “BBC Radio Northampton takes me to the stars… (audio clip)

  • Thank you so much Clare for a fantastic evening. If you would like I can send you a couple of photos of le Pole Des Etoiles! Should you be in France I can recommend passing by & going to one of those tours! Cheers SuzieD

    • Thanks Suzi. It was a pleasure performing at Feast of Fools. I’ll look up le Pole Des Etoiles. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Sincerely, Clare

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