2 thoughts on “BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth Interview with Michael Rosen

  • I have just listened to this podcast on my morning Covid 19 walk. So glad that Michael Rosen is at last home from hospital, hopefully getting stronger. A wonderful podcast, My Grandfather was a great story teller and as a child I would only let him stop because he would tell me that he had a bone in his leg and so I could not sit on his lap any longer. As a GP trainee, my trainer was a hypntherapist as a side line and it took me a long time to understand what he meant me to do when discussing a patient who might be depressed or anxious he would just say “Tell them a story” I later attended a course on Ericsonian hypnosis, which involved a lot of telling stories, using the patient’s own words. Now I am retired (sort of) and talk to parents who have just received a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder for a child. I also am an autism and learning disability champion and work to improve access to health care for people with these differences. This program brought insight to me as to why some parts of what I say works to change attitudes and inform better than others. I will be using what I have learned. Thank you so much, I will put it into practice. I really loved the stories you told as well, very memorable. I cannot thank both of you enough.

    • Dear Karen

      Oh thank you for writing!! What wonderful work you do. I am starting to work with medical, and your insights are fascinating. Thank you. If you are up for it, I would like to talk to you about your work and your use of story in your work sometime. Your insights could help me with working with practitioners.
      Please write me directly on: clare@claremurphy.org My website form can be a little glitchy.
      Thanks Karen,

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