Internationally renowned storyteller, Clare Murphy, who has worked with the National Theatre, the RSC and the Globe Theatre, performs, teaches, lectures and consults on the art of storytelling.

Interesting Collaborations

Go to Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins

Guest Lecturer for the MA in Animation Students 2014 – present. Assisting students in developing the narrative arc and creative strength of their ideas

Go to Crick Crack Club

Crick Crack Club

Crick Crack Club hosts storytelling events around London and the UK including Soho Theatre London, Rich MIx Theatre London, Cube Microplex Bristol. They also run events such as the Day of the Dead and the Fabularium.

Royal Shakespeare Company

Guest storyteller, Guest speaker, invited researcher, workshop leader at the RSC

NT TheatreWorks

I am a trainer with TheatreWorks. This involves giving workshops on communication and speaking skills via theatre and storytelling techniques. TheatreWorks works with the corporate and charity sectors.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Guest speaker at the Von Karman Lecture Series. Invited Storytelling Trainer for the Public Engagement Team.

Go to The Drive Project

The Drive Project

Storytelling Trainer and consultant with The Drive Project. The Drive Project is an award-winning creative social enterprise. They work alongside charities and businesses to inspire and empower people with creative projects, training and talks.

National Theatre

Performer of solo shows at Watch This Space Festival. Associate with NT Learning Dept. Story consultant and trainer for Early Years Project.

Dowtcha Puppets

Dramaturg and Story Consultant for Dowtcha Puppet Company, Cork, Ireland.

What I do and where I do it
“Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.” Barry Lopez

Clare is a storyteller, performer, teacher and consultant. From mainstage theatres to medieval roundtowers Clare has told tales for adults, teenagers, children, and families in more than 20 countries. Her work includes the political folkloric work such as her Syrian piece “The King of Lies” to playful pieces like UniVerse which explores where quantum physics, philosophy and mythology meet. Clare’s wide repertoire of stories includes traditional folklore to ancient mythology, to reportage to historical tales. She tells the story that is called for in each situation; from telling to the President of Ireland to performing at the Writers room of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Clare also performs at festivals, art centres, universities, public and private events, conferences and schools. She teaches storytelling and trains people in communication skills via The National Theatre’s TheatreWorks programme. She is a storyteller, performer, writer, dramaturg, curiosist, teacher, consultant, wanderer, wonderer and maker. If your organisation/storytelling question is not listed here, just ask, she might be able to help...

  • One woman shows, bespoke performances, commissioned pieces, public events.

  • Storytelling workshops for artists, performers, professors, guest lecturing on storytelling, creativity & more

  • For Theatre companies, writers groups, university departments, companies, charities and individuals

  • Available for keynote speaking, panel discussions, conferences, symposiums and debates


A mathematician finds a gift from a god Blacksmiths beat out the music of the spheres And why are there turtles everywhere? Where does myth meet science? Is it only in the middle of the night when we half wake and half sleep? In this timeless place of wonder and insight, time stretches and a fissure opens that builds a dream bridge between many worlds… Performance storyteller Clare Murphy dances into this liminal space; merging myth, deities, science and a hefty amount of turtle, in a playful exploration of the beginnings of the universe.


In this one hour solo storytelling performance, Clare Muireann Murphy blends reportage and folklore to tell a story on the power of lying. A king pits his wits against a fool, a lying competition lures in storytellers from around the world, and one poor hungry man tells enough lies in the hopes of saving his skin and that of his people. The King of Lies is an adaptation of the novel Damascus Nights by exiled Syrian writer Rafik Schami. This witty play on words evokes a beautiful country held at the mercy of a lie-obsessed king.

The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos with Daniel Morden

Held captive in a concentration camp, prisoners tell fantastical tales to lift their spirits. Their clandestine gatherings allow them to briefly forget their terrible situation. But surely their fate is unavoidable… The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos is funny, tragic, uplifting and incredibly moving. Shifting between the awful reality of the camp, and the beauty and richness of countless other worlds, this weaving together of finely crafted traditional stories demonstrates the power of the imagination to shape and change reality.


Clare can choose from her repertoire of tales to tell stories suitable for your festival/event. Clare’s stories include myths, legends, love stories, creation stories, wisdom tales, comedic tales, heroine stories, lgbqt stories, peace stories and so on.

Upcoming Events

  1. Storytelling As a Superpower, Tobacco Factory Bristol March 15 2020

    March 15 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm UTC+0
  2. The Remarkable Tale of Robert Desnos with Daniel Morden, York UK March 2020

    March 25 @ 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm UTC

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